Sobre o tal medico que falei o Dr. Hamer e a nova medicina germanica, achei num link sobre este assunto a relação entre determinados cancros e traumas que os causaram. Por isso muitas vezes quando um parceiro tem cancro pouco tempo depois o outro também, devido ao trauma de um ter.


Pode não chegar ao cancro mas sofre desse particular orgão ou zona, por exemplo, segundo este medico, normalmente pessoas com problemas de ossos sao causados por baixa auto estima e angina de peito tem relação com conflitos territoriais (viver no mesmo quarto que um irmao por exemplo).


Ou até mesmo o caso de crianças que urinam na cama até tarde, nota-se principalmente quando dormem varios irmaos no mesmo quarto, pois é um instinto de "marcação territorial". Para este médico, o cancro tem regressão desde que o conflito que o causou seja resolvido e é contra a quimioterapia por impedir a regressão do tumor, supostamente feito naturalmente pelo corpo . Curou milhares de casos.


Deixo aqui a lista em ingles retirado daqui



The following list shows some of the relationships between conflict emotions and target organs:

Adrenal cortex - Wrong direction, gone astray

Bladder - Ugly conflict, dirty tricks

Bone - Lack of self-worth, inferiority feeling

Breast milk gland - Involving care or disharmony

Breast milk duct - Separation conflict

Breast, left (right-handed) - Conflict concerning child, home, mother

Breast, right (right-handed) - Conflict with partner or others

Bronchials - Territorial conflict

Cervix - Severe frustration

Colon - Ugly indigestible conflict

Esophagus  - Cannot have it or swallow it

Gall Bladder - Rivalry conflict

Heart  - Perpetual conflict

Intestines - Indigestible chunk of anger

Kidneys - Not wanting to live, water or fluid conflict

Larynx - Conflict of fear and fright

Liver - Fear of starvation

Lung - Fear of dying or suffocation, including fear for someone else

Lymph glands - Loss of self-worth associated with the location

Melanoma - feeling dirty, soiled, defiled

Middle ear - Not being able to get some vital information

Mouth - Cannot chew or hold it

Pancreas - Anxiety-anger conflict with family members, inheritance

Prostate - Ugly conflict with sexual connections or connotations

Rectum - Fear of being useless

Skin - Loss of integrity

Spleen - Shock of being physically or emotionally wounded

Stomach - Indigestible anger, swallowed too much

Testes and Ovaries - Loss conflict

Thyroid - Feeling powerless

Uterus - Sexual conflict

The conflicts for some other diseases are as follows:

Diabetes and hypoglycemia: A right-handed female develops hypoglycemia from anxiety and revulsion, if left-handed she develops insulin-dependent diabetes. A right-handed male develops insulin-diabetes from a conflict of resisting or struggling against something, if left-handed he develops hypoglycemia.

Heart infarct: fight for territory or its content.

Hemorrhoids: both, a right-handed woman with an identity conflict and also a left-handed man with territorial anger in the healing phase will get hemorrhoids.

Multiple sclerosis and Paralysis: inability to escape or continue on or to hold on to or not knowing what to do.

Facial paralysis: fear of losing face, having been made a laughing stock.

Psoriasis involves separation conflict concerning mother, father, family, home, friends or pets.

Psychoses of all kinds have one or more active Hamer Herds in each of the two parts of the brain.

Vitiligo, Leukoderma: ugly or brutal separation conflict.

In regard to AIDS Dr Hamer observes that no one ever died of AIDS without having previously been told that they are HIV positive or believe that they are. The implication is that just as with cancer, it is the negative perception associated with AIDS that causes its devastating effect.

Left-handed individuals develop problems on opposite sides to genuine right-handed individuals. Handedness can be tested by observing which hand is on top when clapping; this is the leading hand. With right-handedness all muscles at the right side of the body are involved with partners and possibly other individuals and all left-sided muscles with children or the own mother. These conditions may change with hormonal changes as with the birth control pill or menopause.

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